Bundle your data into a powerful overview solution

What is dashboarding?

To put it very simply, dashboarding is the visualisation of data. In a dashboard, all information is displayed on one screen, giving the user a complete overview of the most important data. Dashboarding can be used at company, department and process level. In the end, dashboarding is a time-saving and complete solution for processing data.

Progress with dashboarding

Making business decisions based on data requires a powerful and visually strong dashboard. A dashboard that brings together data that is important to you. An overview based on which you can make decisions and adjust campaigns. A working method in which making weekly reports is a thing of the past.

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What dashboarding tools are there?

The market for dashboarding has strongly increased – not only in the number of tools, but also in their quality. Some well-known dashboarding tools are: Google DataStudio, Tableau, Klipfolio and Geckoboard.

Basically, many tools are similar, but there are also significant differences. Of course, each tool has its own look and feel and subscription prices vary widely. But the most important aspect is linking the data. Even better, what type of data-connections are there and how many tools can be linked. The latter in particular is an important indicator of the price.

Klipfolio dashboard

How does Marketing Guys help you choose a tool?

The choice for a dashboarding tool mainly depends on the data that will be used. Together we go through the tools to be linked and the possibilities. Then we look at which dashboarding tools could be linked to the desired tools. Would you prefer a marketing dashboard in which only data from Google Ads and Google Analytics is shown? Then Google DataStudio will suffice. But if data outside Google also needs to be linked, then a more all-round dashboarding tool should be chosen.

How does MG help with the implementation?

Are you looking for a solution to make all your data sources clear and bring them together? Then we are happy to help you with a custom-made dashboard. At Marketing Guys, we have years of experience in creating (complex) dashboards. We create these dashboards in Klipfolio, but we can also create beautiful and complex dashboards and reports in Google DataStudio.

Every dashboard creation process at Marketing Guys follows the same step-by-step plan. In this plan, the requirements and wishes are discussed first. The customer indicates which metrics will be used, which tools need to be linked and which visualisation is needed.

Once the complete wish list is known, we will start building the dashboard. Initially we will build a dashboard with dummy data. The first version is to fine-tune the look and feel. After approval, we will replace the dummy data with the data from the tools.

Why choose Marketing Guys instead of the tool itself?

  • We have already been through all the pitfalls.
  • The tool itself does not build clips, but assists you. Extra help is only available with more expensive subscriptions.
  • We take care of all communication with the dashboarding tools and data tools.

Your benefits

  • Link different data sources to your dashboard
  • View your dashboard on a mobile or tablet
  • Stream your dashboard to a large TV screen
  • Visually strong
  • Wide choice of templates
  • Custom-made dashboards

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